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Design and Manufacture of crushing Machines, granulation and Powder Production Line, Crushers, Rotary Mills And New Sand Making.

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In 1969, after 3 years of professional training, I went to work at the Zarnan stone mine located in Lorestan province and worked in a stone-cutting factory there, as a repairman for crushing machines. In 1975, I established a workshop in Azna to produce parts and services. In 1977, due to the need for more facilities, I returned to Isfahan and after obtaining the necessary permits from various official bodies and with the support of objective and practical experience to design, manufacture and produce various machines for crushing stone and minerals, set up Saleh Industrial Workshop. Because of the need to increase and diversify orders, more space and area was needed. Therefore, in 2001, a new workshop was established on a land with an area of 2800 square meters and with more facilities, The infrastructure of the hall and production was a total of 900 square meters. With a new brand and name (Saleh Machinery Company), with hope in God and relying on its own, it has entered the field of production and has tried to be better by using the world knowledge and gaining useful experiences. We now claim to produce and supply our products with superior quality and better services, and we are ready to take steps to advance our goals, which are always to gain the full satisfaction of our valued customer. The result of our practical-innovative experience and efforts is to build a new generation and the first machine to produce stone powder with the Rotary Mill brand. This machine is for producing powder with high efficiency meshes and hard materials that do not have internal and external samples. Our goal and slogan: (Quality, quantity, commitment, expertise, responsibility and up-to-date are among our main goals and We claim that the customer is always right.


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Saleh Machinery Co with half a century of efficient and effective experience and benefiting from expert specialists by using the latest knowledge in the world is always ready to advise and guide dear customers to provide the best services. Saleh Machinery Management is committed to respond to all your constructive suggestions and criticisms in order to eliminate the shortcomings and improve the quality of its products and the satisfaction of our dear customers. The company has always been known for its Customer acquisition, because it considers customer satisfaction as the cause of growth, development and improving the quality of its products. In this regard Dear customer, If you need further assistance, you can contact the management directly to get advice on the service/ product you need. As soon as you place your order through email/ website, our team will do their best to make it ready.